Securing water ecosystems for humanity by connecting blockchain technology to real-world water wells.


Overconsumption, pollution and climate change are making clean drinking water an increasingly scarce resource, resulting in water being undervalued, misused and misallocated.

Water scarcity is real


Water scarcity is real.

Overconsumption of water, water pollution, environmental degradation, and changing climatic conditions are making clean drinking water an increasingly scarce resource. As this is happening, corporations are accelerating acquisitions of water rights, creating an eco-logical time bomb.

More than 30% of the world’s largest groundwater systems are already in distress.
1.6 billion people are estimated to be without access to drinking water by 2030.
By 2030, global demand for water will be 40% above the current water supply.

The solution

Decentralizing water access globally with a regenerative token

Water150 tokens connects real-world water wells to blockchain technology, granting token owners lifetime access to one of the best naturally filtered drinking waters on earth.

The project aims to democratize access to drinking water globally by creating an ecosystem where well owners, water consumers and shareholders  collaborate to secure water access for life.

The solution

Decentralizing water access globally with a regenerative token

WATER150 tokens connect real-world water wells to blockchain technology, giving token holders lifetime access to one of the best naturally filtered drinking waters on earth.

This way we create an impact ecosystem where well owners and token holders collaborate to secure a regenerative water flow, helping people and biodiversity thrive.

WATER150 by longhouse foundation

A regenerative water
source for life
Each WATER150 token represents a pre-purchase of 1 annual litre of spring water from the best wells on earth.
The token ensures inflation-proof supply of water for 150 years.
Token holders can trade or sell their annual water on a decentralized marketplace.
Renewable Web3  
water rights
Each token holder becomes a subscriber to the Water150 global ecosystem of high quality water supply.

Every year, the 1st of January the owner of the W150 token gets a coupon to tap the water. The annual coupon is called the Drop token. The Drop token holder can use the Drop token to get water distributed to home, give their water for charity, use the Drop token for extra services such as SPA or hotel stays at assigned water wells or simply just sell the Drop token on a secondary market as a return on investment.

Either way they use the annual utility of the W150 token they contribute to a better world.
Connecting Blockchain
to real-world water wells
By securing 1000 wells of high quality spring water across the globe and making the water available through a token-based system, we create the first decentralized  &  regenerative water flow on earth.


water well



Liters of
water yearly



Securing water for humanity
By creating the WATER150 token, we will fund an impact ecosystem for drilling water wells for communities in acute need of clean drinking water.

The graphic below shows the project's potential for impact over time on providing clean drinking water to people in need.
The graphic below shows various hypothetical token values in correlation with people in need impacted with access to clean drinking water.



people in need provided
with clean drinking water



people in need provided
with clean drinking water



people in need provided
with clean drinking water


Our goal is to provide at least 1,6 billion people in need with clean drinking water by 2040.

Universal value
Creating a shared
value ecosystem
Water150 by Longhouse Foundation secures and decentralizes access to drinking water globally, offering value for all participants and creating transparent and measurable impact for future generations.

Our vision is to enable true decentralization and democratization of water within 150 years through the WATER150 token.

Longhouse Foundation works to secure water ecosystems for humanity by connecting blockchain technology to real-world water wells.

Longhouse Foundation acts as a modern longhouse, where creators, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our planet and collaborate to secure abundant life on earth.
To secure abundant life on earth for 150 years.
We believe that water ecosystems can empower communities to thrive as clean drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce.
Making decisions based on wisdom, finding inspiration and tools from disruptive technology & using this to connect nature and people.
In alliance with the charitable partner LoveSpring, Longhouse Foundation will soon be part of drilling impact wells where water scarcity is acute. LoveSpring will be constructing encapsulated wells that protect water from being contaminated. The first impact wells will be drilled in Kenya in 2023.
Longhouse Foundation has secured water flow from Sätra Brunn, a wellbeing village that stretches across a 60 acre biodiversity rich land. A bottling factory is set up and will be ready for distribution in 2023.
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